India soft launches massive economic attack on Pakistan


India has launched a major soft attack on Pakistan through economical route till the time more hardcore military action is strategized.

Besides removing the Most Favoured Nation(MFN) and the 200% tax imposition on anything imported from Pakistan, the non-government sector have been encouraged to go after Pakistan on all possible way to make it more effective.

Besides making the Pakistani members of the entertainment industry cagey, the sports investment have also been withdrawn.

The audio major T-series have withdrawn all singers, similarly, Bollywood have asked all Pakistan actors to pack up and now it is the turn of the Sport Major IMG-Reliance to turn off the sports fund flow.

The immediate target the Pakistani Super Leauge(PSL) designed in the shape of ISL.

The sports major IMG-Reliance, on Sunday, pulled out from the production of the fourth edition of Pakistan Super League (PSL) which has started its annual event at the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

As a face saver, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) said that they had a contingency plan in place. But the truth that withdrawal of IMG-Reliance had put the PSL in dire straits as the money have died up.

“We have been informed by IMG Reliance that they will be unable to partner with us for the remaining HBL PSL 2019 and PCB has reserved all its rights. The PCB always had a contingency plan in place, and we are confident we will be in a position to announce the new partner on Monday after the completion of the formalities,” PCB’s Managing Director Wasim Khan said.

Meanwhile Pakistan has remained alert for any Indian adventure, as Military strategist of India Army are planning for major attack on Pakistan

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