India, US Defence trade to reach $18 billion this year


India and the US are all set to reach the 18 billion dollars by the 2019 year-end in Defence trade. The defence Secretaries of both countries will meet in the national capital next week to discuss the bilateral Defence trade between India and the US .

The trade which is expected to reach 18 billion dollars, will also put India on track of Defence-related technologies with the same authorization as NATO allies Japan, South Korea, and Australia.

Under Secretary of Defence for Acquisition and Sustainment Ellen M Lord hs confirmed the meeting with her Indian counterpart Apurva Chandra in New Delhi next week. She has reminded India of the 2008 bilateral Defence trade when it was just at zero, is expected to reach 18 billion dollars in 2019.

India and the US had drafted agreements of both ISA and BECA. As per the deal, India would be a signatory to all the military foundational agreements with the US. Both the countries have already operationalized the Communications Compatibility and Security Agreement and the Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreements.

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