“India-US Ties Rest On Strong Foundations” – MEA


As US presidential candidate Joe Biden gets closer to victory, Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on Friday said that India-US bilateral relations rest on strong foundation based on cooperation across all domains varying from strategic to defense and investment to trade.

The statement comes in during the count of the electoral college votes of the US elections. The MEA spokesperson, Anurag Srivastava, at a weekly media briefing said, “India-US relations rest on strong foundations, and our relations encompass cooperation in every possible sphere, extending from strategic to defense to investment, to trade, to people-to-people ties.”

He also said that like everybody else, “India was also awaiting the US election results.”

He further said that the “comprehensive global strategic partnership had very strong bipartisan support in the US, and successive presidents and administrations had raised the level of this relationship even higher”.

Meanwhile, former US Vice President Joe Biden is leading with 253 electoral college votes to 213 votes of incumbent President Donald Trump, as per the latest updates by CNN.

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