Indian Army Trains Turkmenistan Special Forces In Himachal


The Indian Army on Thursday began the training for Turkmenistan Special Forces to help build the combat capabilities. They will be trained in ‘Combat Free Fall’ as a precursor to a series of customised courses.

Taking to Twitter, the Indian Army shared details of the training and said it was building bonds of friendship with Turkmenistani forces.

“Indian Army’s Special Forces Training School has commenced training of Turkmenistan Special Forces in Combat Free Fall as a precursor to a series of customized courses to follow and help build the capability of the Turkmenistan Special Forces (sic),” ANI reported.

The Special Forces Training School (SFTS) is located in Nahan, Himachal Pradesh and it is responsible to churn out the elite Special Forces of the Indian Army.

Earlier in February, a group of 16 Special Forces personnel from India and Turkmenistan did the training for the first phase of skydiving at the SFTS. A team of the Indian Army’s Special Forces will be visiting Ashgabat in August to participate in Turkmenistan’s 30th years of independence celebrations to be held on September 27, Times Now reported.

Last month, India and the United States conducted a joint military drill at the Mahajan Field Firing Range in the Thar desert, involving Apache helicopters, Mi-17 transport choppers along with troops from both countries in the recreated combat area.

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