Indian couple attacked in Munich; 1 dead

Indian couple attacked in Munich; 1 dead

A German national of Indian origin identified as 49-year-old Prashant Basarur died after he was stabbed multiple times near Munich. His wife Smita Basarur, 43, is reported to be in a critical condition. The attack took place around 7 am on Friday. The couple had obtained German citizenship only last year.

The attacker is thought to be a 33-year-old migrant from New Guinea; his motive for charging the couple remains unclear. He has however, been arrested and a kitchen knife that was used to stab the couple has been secured.

On hearing the scuffle and the screams, neighbors living in the same complex called the police who arrived and took the Guinea man into custody.

The assailant was later produced in a magistrate’s court in Augsburg and was charged with attempt to murder

Tweeting about it, external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj wrote, “Indian couple Prashant and Smita Basarur were stabbed by an immigrant near Munich. Unfortunately, Prashant has expired. Smita is stable. We are facilitating the travel of Prashant’s brother to Germany. My heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.”

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