Indian junior men’s hockey team ends match with Netherlands in a draw


The Indian junior men’s hockey team held the Netherlands teams in a drawn match at the U-23 Five Nations Tournament at Antwerp in Belgium on Saturday.

The Indian team’s defense was caught off guard and the team faced a setback of 0-2 by the first quarter of the game. The Dutch team’s Marlon scored the goal in the first minute of the game itself and Jip Jepsen scored the second goal in the 11th minute.

However, the Indian team stepped up their game in the second quarter of the match as the defense stood iron-clad while creating more scoring opportunities.

India overcame the deficit with the help of Mandeep Mor’s goals in the 27th minute and the 48th minute. However, the third quarter of the match did not witness any goals.

Though the team could not win the game, they successfully held the Dutch team to a 2-2 draw.



Featured Image: Sportskeeda

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