Indian Navy Tracks 7 Chinese Warships, 3 Vessels

Pic Courtesy: ANI

Amid the growing tensions between India and China, the Indian Navy warships have been regularly tracking a Chinese research vessel in the Indian Ocean and identified seven Chinese seven warships.

An ANI report stated Yuan Wang class research vessel had entered the Indian Ocean area around last month. The Indian Navy has been closely monitoring using it’s “American-origin P-8I anti-submarine warfare spy planes and other surveillance assets”.

The report also added, that the Chinese research vessel returned “after being under constant watch of the Navy”. 

Reportedly, the Chinese vessels keep coming from time to time in a bid to gain sensitive information regarding the Indian maritime territory.

“In exclusive pictures accessed by ANI, Chinese Landing Platform Dock Xian-32 can be seen passing through the Southern Indian Ocean Region before it entered the Sri Lankan waters earlier this month. The P-8I anti-submarine warfare and long-range surveillance aircraft have clicked the pictures and are constantly tracking activities and movements of the Chinese vessels while operating here,” an Asian Age report said.

“Apart from the LPD, the Chinese warships include three vessels, each of its counter-piracy escort task force 32 and counter-piracy escort taskforce 33 which would exchange positions in the Gulf of Aden where they would be deployed,” the report added.

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