Indian Railways to Convert 5K Coaches to Isolation Wards


The Indian Railways is preparing to convert train coaches into isolation wards to prepare for a fight against coronavirus pandemic to meet the increasing demand for beds in the isolation wards.

N. F. Railway is converting coaches at the Coach Maintenance Depot in Kamakhya and Guwahati into isolation wards after consulting medical professionals at N. F. Railway Central Hospital, Maligaon.

A non-AC sleeper coach is converted into isolation wards for patients suffering from COVID-19.

Each cabin of the coach has been converted into an independent isolation ward which shall accommodate one patient. There are nine such cabins in one coach. The following modifications have been done in each coach.

Middle berths have been removed from these cabins for keeping two feet bed space on the berths. Extra bottle holders and electric points are provided for medicines, IV Fluids and medical equipment like oscilloscope monitor, suction apparatus, etc.

A foldable stool is available under the berth for keeping the medical equipment as and when required.

Air Plastic curtains have been provided between two cabins for privacy and isolation.

The side berth end panel walls of the coach near the entry/exit doors have been removed for easy access of stretcher.

One of the four toilets of the coach has been converted to a bathroom with a facility for shower, bucket, and mug.

Insulated bamboo sheets put up on the roof and the sidewalls of the coach for reducing the heat transfer and temperature inside the isolation ward.

The Indian Railways will convert 5000 sleeper coaches to Isolation Wards in throughout the country where NF Railway is converting 315 sleeper coaches to Isolation wards soon as advised by Railway Board.

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