Indian youth shot in robbery attempt in US

In a sensational incident, robbers shot an Indian youngster named Sai Krishna on January 3 was shot on January 3 after he was mugged by them. An electrical engineer  by professrion, Krishna is now in a critical condition and has to go through multiple surgeries.  Resident of Telangana, Krishna, is in a hospital in Detroit, battling for his life.

He completed his engineering from Lawrence Tech University, Southfield Michigan.

Speaking to media over phone, Krishna’s friend Srujith in the US said, “Sai Krishna is very underprivileged and has struggled a lot to move to the United States for a better future. After completing his studies, Sai Krishna started working at a company in Detroit downtown. He got off from work around 11:30 PM (US time) and purchased some food on the street and while returning home this incident happened.” “The robbers first stopped and barged in his car and made him drive to an isolated place and robbed his car, wallet and other belongings and left him on an empty street in freezing temperatures. Someone passing by saw him on the road and informed the authorities. An ambulance reached the spot and took Sai Krishna to the hospital,” Srujith said.

Few other friends have also sought help from GoFundMe — a website for crowdfunding — for the expenses in hospital with the name of the campaign called “Support Sai Krishna”. The account has been funded with 100 thousand dollars and goal has been set for 250 thousand dollars.


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