‘India’s COVID-19 cases per million among lowest globally’

The World Health Organisation (WHO) Situation Report published recently states India has one of the lowest cases of coronavirus per million population, reported the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Tuesday.

India’s cases per million population are 505.37 while the global average is at 1453.25.

The WHO Situation Report also shows that India has one of the lowest deaths per million population. India’s cases of death per million population are 14.27 while the global average is more than it’s four times, at 68.29, the ministry reported.


Presently, there are 2,59,557 active cases and all are under medical supervision. India was declared the third worst-hit nation on Sunday.

Coordinated efforts at all levels of the national and state governments for prevention, containment, and management of COVID-19 are showing encouraging results with a consistently increasing gap between Recoveries and Active cases. As on date, there are 1,80,390 recovered cases more than the active COVID-19 cases. The recovery rate among COVID-19 patients has increased to 61.13% today, the release added.

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