Infiltration issue dead? Has young Assam moves on!


The vexed infiltration issue is perhaps dead for the young Assam as it looks like that educated young Assam has moved on leaving the issue to be handled by the elders only.

With just 490 complaints so far in the NRC’s objection and complete rejection of the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) in the just concluded state Panchayat poll, it is more or less certain that young Assam wants to move on and do not want to miss the buses again.

“It is time to work hard and go forward. 40 years have passed nothing happened and nothing is going to happen. Look where Assam does stand and where are the other mainstream states” said Nibaran Bora, a civil servant aspirant.

The twitterati also have field day on this and it is almost unanimous that although they are concerned but can not wait like the past generations.

Dr.Sarkar‏ @jadookar  wrote – “Those who are opposing CAB were in power and position to stop infiltration but did nothing. Young Assam understand their motives and clear about own priorities”

Similar sentiment was echoed by Avinav Sharma‏ @abhinabsharma11

People of Assam have left the issue to 70 or 90+ odd jatiya sangathan….. He made a dig on the 70 organisations movement led by Akhil Gogoi which fell flat.

“Actually any government opposed by Akhil’s movement are benefited in the election as people of Assam can not tolerate Akhil Gogoi. He has always been given space by a section of media only “ said BJP Spokesperson Rupam Goswami.

Noted intellectual Dr Hiren Bargohain yesterday in a public lecture argued that Panchayat win did not mean rejection of the CAB. He said that the Panchayat Election was not Assembly election and local issues determined the results and further Congress also did well.

His words came when Assam Health Minister Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma belittled the issue saying that CAB remained within the confinement of the TV studios.

But twitterti was active on this point also. One Prasenjit Mondol blamed intellectuals and media for the chaos on the CAB.

However the general mood has been summarised by another twitter user Debasis Tarafdar.   He wrote – “Understand your point but there should be an end to further infiltration. The issue cannot be kept festering for politicians to fish in.”

Similarly Tituraj‏ @tituraj wrote –Jobs and livelihood are much more important today. A fight was given against a crucial infiltration issue for decades but we all know where are we today. It’s time we let NRC be the final nail in the coffin and move on. Assam has lost crucial time & it has a lot to catch up.

All these comments have given a picture that educated young Assam want more focus on job rather than infiltration.

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