Injured Elephant Died in Rani; another Electrocuted by Live Wire in Kaziranga


The injured elephant which was found in the Satar gaon area in Rani yesterday, died today morning.

An injured elephant was found near Rani on Wednesday, toppled over into a mud pit after hurting its foot, triggering a rescue and aid effort for the lost beast.

The forest officials with the help of the villagers could successfully rescue the injured elephant yesterday. According to reports the elephant due to a major injury in its foot couldn’t move. The forest officials gave preliminary treatment to the injured elephant but every attempt failed as the elephant succumbed to death on Thursday midnight. On May 2nd, 2019, the villagers paid last respect to the wild tusker by offering flowers and covering the body with a ‘phulam gamusa’.

Another elephant was electrocuted to death after it came in contact with a live wire planted near a paddy field in Kaziranga.

As per reports elephant was injured by the spikes on the way to search food in the paddy field.

The villagers may have erected an electric fence around his plantation to keep away stray animals.

Elephant deaths have increased from 25 in 2010 to 46 in 2017. Some of the main reasons for these animals’ death include electrocution, being mowed down by trains, poaching, accidents and poisoning.

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