Intensive Cleanliness Drives undertaken by NF Railway

After the successful completion of Swachhta Pakhwada last month, the Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) undertook another intensive cleanliness drive from October 2. The drives have been carried out in all the divisions including Katihar, Alipurduar, Rangia, Lumding and Tinsukia. Members of Bharat Scouts and Guides and railway staff took part said Guneet Kaur, chief public relations officer (CPRO) in a statement.

To maintain proper hygiene, cleanliness drives are being organized at stations, coaches, tracks, concourse areas, waiting rooms and workplaces in all the divisions. The district associations of Bharat Scouts and Guides along with their counterparts throughout the country participated.

Vaccination camps are also being organized by the Bharat Scouts and Guides of the NF Railway along with the cleanliness drive. The members of NF Railway, Baradpur District Association also participated in the Clean India Project, cleaning surrounding areas as well. Similar enthusiasm was seen from the Alipurduar division members as well.

“Such programmes will be carried out in the divisions till November 1, 2021” said a statement, adding that similar drives were undertaken in other district associations under the divisions of NF Railway.

The Bharat Scouts and Guides, NF Railway, Bardarpur District Association organized their 23rd COVID-19 vaccination camp on October 4 where 150 people got vaccinated. They arranged the 24th camp on October 18th where another 150 people got the vaccine shot. 15 Rovers and Rangers were present there as a service team, said a statement by NF Railway.

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