Internet is the main weapon of ULFA


The internet is the main of ULFA now and they have very strategically used it against India. As the arm power is depleted and finance is great problem, the ULFA have very successfully used the cyber space.

The best example is the glorification of every important recruit and use the social media to have a huge impact and in this game the police and security agencies were totally caught off guard.

The newest weapon is a software engineer Abhijit Gogoi, who claims to be a software engineer who had studied  and worked in Hong Kong, Malayasia and Australia beside Bangalore.

With olive green uniform and Kalshnikov in hand and walkie-talkie strapped in the chest, his  2 minutes video of his decision joining ULFA wass a sure shot viral video to go into every youth of Assam.

However his claims of studying in SRM, Chennai and working in all these above named places and still joining ULFA sounds highly non cohesive but that is easily overlooked by the youths of Assam , specially  who have a romantic notion of the ULFA.

The video was first shared in the Facebook on Friday in the profile of one Chow Abhijeet Gogoi (Abhi). The video has been removed as we report.


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