Internet services remain suspended for the second day in Imphal


Internet services remain suspended in Imphal for the second day as Manipur Government had barred mobile internet services for five days to curb rumour-mongering through spread of hate videos and messages in the state.

The ban has affected life in the entire state as both commercial and private activities have come to a hault due to the suspension.

Internet services are likely to be suspended till Monday.

Special Secretary (Home) Kh Raghumani, in an order issued on Thursday said that the step was taken to prevent spread of rumours “which might have serious repercussion for the law and order situation in the entire state of Manipur.”

It said the step was taken to prevent disturbances of peace and public order, besides mob mobilisation.

The order comes after unrest in Manipur University demanding the removal of the VC AP Pandey, alleging administrative negligence and carelessness in the functioning of the university. Violence erupted between students and the police, where the latter used tear gas and fired at blank to control the situation.

During the violence, few of the students have been injured and are under medical supervision.

In the recent past, the region has seen several cases of mob violence and lynching which had been allegedly triggered by spread of fake and inciting videos and messages through social media platforms.



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