IPS officer arrested in Biswanath Chariali: Read why


On Monday, the police arrested a fraud IPS officer in Biswanath Chariali. Reportedly, the fraud has been identified as Smith Sethi, resident of Odisha.

It has been alleged that the fraud IPS introduces himself as a Drug inspector and used to target the homeopathic pharmacies. He used to visit the homeopathic pharmacies, where he checks the documents of the pharmacy and if he gets any mistake in the documents, he used to demand a huge amount of money like Rs. 50,000/60,000.

Moreover, he assured the pharmacy owners to make or renew their medical licenses on the exchange of that money. It also alleges that, sometimes, if he didn’t get any fault in any documents, he targets the property of the owner and questioned on it and asked Rs. 1,00,000 from him. He threatened the owner that, if he will not give him the money, his pharmacy will remain closed forever.

Finally, suspiciously a pharmacist named Guna Baruah filed a case against the Fraud IPS office regarding the whole matter.

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