Iran President Regrets over Ukrainian Aircraft Crash


The President of Islamic Republic of Iran Hassan Rouhani in twitter expressed his regret over the Crash of Ukrain Aircraft by the Iran revolutionary guard.

In a series of tweet Iran president Hassan Rouhani stated that the internal investigations by the armed forces of Iran concluded that it was a human error that caused the horrific crash of Ukrainian plane & death of 176 innocent people.

In the second tweet he expressed his regret on behalf of The Islamic Republic of Iran and offers his condolences to the victims’ family.

Earlier the United state and Canada had said that the plane was shot down. But the claim has been initially denied but after some time the Iranian military gave a statement and called it a human mistake and expresses condolences to the families of the victims.

The tensed situation between Iran and United State get larger after US killed Iran Revolutionary Guards commander Qasem Soleimani in an airstrike on January 3, in Bagdad Aircraft.

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