Irrigation Department : Vigilance stops investigation on 1200 crore scam


A name Nur Mohammad was well known around BTAD and Assam Assembly officials and Ministers along with the MLAs during 2006-2016.

Mohammad, joined as the Asst. Engineer of Irrigation Department and later he was promoted to the post to Director of the Department. Reportedly, during this year’s, Mohammad was involved in various scams of 320 Government schemes like AIBP, NLCPR, MNR, TSP etc. Mohammad used to take help of his assistants and pass out huge amount of money which worth of 1200 crore.

Interestingly, the whole process was going on in full support of a few Ministers – MLA’s of that Ministry.

But in the real field, Mohammad did not do anything for the locals of the BTAD region. Public tried to control the scam but all was in vain.

In 2016, as the government changed, and Sarbananda Sonowal led BJP govt came to power, everyone thought may be this govt will listen to them as “Zero Tolerance” was their main moto. As earlier, Sailen Sarma led public approached to Sonowal to do a high level inquiry in this regard. Accordingly inquiry has been started by vigilance but finally nothing happened in reality. Investigation started against Nur Mohammad, where he was questioned regarding the schemes and amounts, which he had passed but after that, the investigation process was completely stopped. It has been suspected that, such incidents have been happening as because a few powerful Minister-MLA are in BJP government who was there in Congress party at the previous govt.

Interestingly, later Nur Mohammad was promoted to the Director of Irrigation Department of the 4 districts of BTAD region.

It may be stated that Vigilance called 28 officials who were suspected to involve in this these 320 scams but questions have been arising among the sufferers of the BTAD region that, if really Sonowal led BJP govt admits themselves as really “Zero Tolarent” aginst scam, than why they could not show any improvement in this inquiry and punish the real culprit. Moreover lots of files regarding developement of irrigation have been still there in Mohammads office.

The locals says that, if really BJP govt really has not connection with the scam, that bravely forward the case to CBI for further inquiry and find out the real culprit and punish him.

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