Is BJP panicking in Assam?

70% sitting MPs dumped

Is BJP panicking in Assam? At this moment from the ticket distribution process, it looks like the ruling party is in a state of panic although they are showing bravado on the surface.

The BJP has dropped five of the seven MPs in Assam, something very rare in the political history of any party in India when more than 70% of their sitting MPs are dumped.

Most importantly the BJP’s handling of Himanta Biswa Sharma affair in Tezpur constituency confirms that deep inside the BJP has lost its way and trying to make a hasty cover-up.

The BJP’s refusal to give Tezpur to Himanta Biswa Sharma on the pretext of his indispensability has given ammunition to the theory that Dr Sharma was exploited by the BJP and not given him what is supposed to be a choice and pick from him.

The BJP dropped Ramen Deka, Kamakhya Tasa, Rajen Gohain, Bijoya Chakrabarty and R P Sharma. This is unprecedented.

As the Himanta Biswa Sharma blown in the face of the BJP exposing their weak link, lot of leaks were planted about the possibility of his selection at the last minute.

However, the latest input suggested that BJP has not yet been able to make up their mind for Tezpur and there is now words that Himanta Biswa Sarma have been given the responsibility to choose between Kamakhya Tasa and Rajen Barthakur.

However, the RSS source confirmed their bosses were very unhappy for sending a single name for Tezpur Lok Sabha removing the name of sitting MP R.P Sharma.  Sharma today amended his yesterday’s threat of joining other parties by issuing a fresh statement today making it a clear that he would remain in BJP and would continue to serve the party as a lawyer.


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