ISIL militants storm prison in Afghanistan, 29 killed


At least 29 people have died in a clash between Afghan security forces and militants claimed to be from ISIL group who raided and attacked a jail overnight in Afghanistan, officials said on Monday to Al Jazeera.

Among the dead were prisoners as well as civilians, prison guards, Afghan security staffers and 50 people have been wounded in the attack that began late on Sunday when an ISIL suicide bomber rammed his explosive-carrying vehicle into the gate of the prison.

The Islamic State of Iraq in Afghanistan, known as IS in Khorasan province, took responsibility for the attack.

The prison attack came a day after the Afghan intelligence agency said a senior ISIL commander was killed by them.

“The prison houses about 2,000 inmates, including many from ISIL and the Taliban. Police were forced to divert manpower to recapture escaped prisoners and by noon on Monday, around 1,000 had been caught”, the report stated.

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