ISIS flags hoisted in Goalpara


Wednesday brought shocking news for the state of Assam with as many as six ISIS flags with ‘IS NE’ inscribed on them hoisted on the river banks behind Goalpara Town Police Station at Kacharighat in Goalpara.

The incident has created an air of terror in the region as no one knows who is behind the hoisting of the flags. Citizens, who came for morning walk, informed the police at around 5:00 am about the flags after which they were taken down.

The flags also had ‘la ilaha illallah’ and ‘Allah-rasool Muhammad’ inscribed in them, in Arabic.

Following the incident, security measures have been beefed up in the region by the district administration. SP Amitabh Sinha and other top police officials inspected the area where the flags were hoisted.

Numerous organisations and opinion leaders have alleged the incident to be a proof of incompetence of the police and administration. CPI (M) leader Noni Das has expressed doubt that the incident might also be work of some third party miscreants who are trying to disturb peace in the region. Goalpara SMSS unit also expressed doubts of third party involvement.

The Goalpara AASU unit has condemned the incident and demanded a swift probe.

It may be mentioned here that earlier it had come to light that a booklet titled ‘Afghanistane Aami Allahoke Dekhesi’ was being distributed in the slum areas of lower Assam to attract people towards Jihad.

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