ISIS Threat | Safety at stake in Assam Railway Stations


The Railway Stations in the state bereft of any security measures, except the CCTV cameras.

Though funds are available to improve safety measures, there is no move to install essential security devices including baggage scanners and door metal detectors in various stations.

What makes the things worse is the limited manpower at the disposal of the Railway Protection Force (RPF) officials.

When ‘Pratidin Time’ visited the major railway stations of the region on Wednesday after the high alert over ISIS Threat in the state, people were seen entering and exiting the stations without having to go through any security checks. Most of the passengers enter and exit the station through various gates.

However, Railway Protection Force (RPF) made temporary arrangement for a couple of days before and after major events like Independence Day and Republic Day by deploying additional forces on the station premises.

Several passengers expressed their apprehension about the lack of proper security measures and demanded that the authorities take permanent measures to prevent untoward incidents.

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