Itanagar: ISBT Submerged Under Flood Water

The Inter-State Bus Terminal (ISBT) in Itanagar has been flooded with rainwater and mudslide due to which hundreds of passengers had a harrowing time after a flash flood triggered by rainfall on Tuesday submerged the premises.

The situation remained the same even after the water receded with several passengers and cars seen struggling to navigate their way through knee-deep sludge brought by the floodwater.

Few buses parked were also seen stuck in the mud water, because there is no proper drainage system in the ISBT complex.  The rainwater overflowed onto the portions of the building of the ISBT.

It has been said by the officials that there is no proper outlet system constructed to drain the water out of the ISBT premises due to which the rainwater accumulated within the campus. The officer said that the backflow of water often blanketed the campus in silt and mud which come from higher areas like NH-415 and its side drains.

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