Jadav Payeng Plans a book on Environment

The planet is so close to being damaged that the change seems irreparable. Unfortunately, the cry for help by environmentalists is often drowned out by other news and issues that seem more urgent at the moment. This is a topic one needs to educate themselves on.

Forest Man of India Jadav Payeng has taken this noble initiative to give one an idea of what the future could hold for us and what can be done about it.

Addressing an event namely ‘Pokriti’ organized by the Post Graduate Student Union of Gauhati University on Wednesday, Payeng said that he is writing a book on the environment issues so that students can easily understand the environment also can do some practical work. This book will help to understand the current environmental crisis, Payeng said.

Payeng shared his inspiring journey and said that he fought against society to plant the jungle. Payeng also criticized the education system for not giving that much importance to the environment.

He appealed to the government to include the environment as a compulsory subject from the lower primary level.

Further, he said, Assam is endowed with plentiful natural and cultural resources which can form the basis for very lucrative tourism industry, creating employment and generating income not only in the urban centers but also in the rural areas.

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