JNU to perform play on Sankardev in Delhi


Bhabananda Barbayan of the Uttara Kamalabari Sattra, a devout monk and a seasoned Sattriya artiste has initiated a unique theatrical presentation of ‘Dhanyatoho Srimanta Sankardev’ in Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Delhi. ‘Dhanyatoho Srimanta Sankardev’ is based on the life and philosophy of Srimanta Sankardev.

Bhabananda Barbayan who came into the monastic order of Uttara Kamalabari sattra at the tender age of three preferred to stay at the sattra and assume the responsibilities of a Barbayan while pursuing his graduation and post graduation studies in Geography.

Denying his family’s desire that he pursue education in engineering or medicine, Bhabananda has dedicated his life to the art form of Sattriya.

Bhabananda Barbayan has been trying to promote and spread the philosophy of Vaishnavite saint-reformer Srimanta Sankardev since many years.

Dhanyatoho Srimanta Sankardev will be staged in JNU in October.

Barbayan is also trying to introduce ‘Sankardev’ as a subject in the University’s curriculum.

It may be mentioned that satriya monks from Majuli along with 25 students from JNU and
Rehearsals for the play will begin from September 15.

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