Joe Biden Breaks Obama’s 2008 count with 70 Million Votes


Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden has already secured more votes than any other presidential candidate in US history, a report stated. However, the counting for the election 2020 continues as Biden nears 270. Joe Biden has even overtaken Barack Obama’s record with over 70 million votes and counting.

Biden had got over 70.7 million votes as on November 4 (local time), which is more than any presidential candidate in the United States, according to a report of National Public Radio (NPR).

Obama had set the previous record in 2008 with 69 million votes. Joe Biden has already won over 300,000 more votes than what Obama got in 2008. Biden surpassed the popular vote record of 69,498,516 set by Obama, the report stated.

Joe Biden, in a tight electoral vote fight to the White House against incumbent President Donald Trump, is 2.7 million votes ahead of the Republican leader in the popular vote. His lead is growing as counting picks pace in key battleground states.

NPR said millions of votes are still being tabulated across the country, including in California, which has reported 64 per cent of the votes counted.

Trump was also nearing Obama’s record with 67.32 million votes as of Wednesday. Given that over 100 million votes were received through early voting and mail-in ballots, NBC News reported that there were at least 23 million votes still to be tallied, giving Biden an opportunity to further increase his vote tally.

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