Joi Barua’s Music Garners Recognition At Cannes World Film Festival


In a proud moment for the country, Indian musician and composer from Assam Joi Barua’s songs have found its place in the prestigious Cannes World Film Festival.  Barua’s songs were a part of the animated film ‘Fantasy of Companionship between Human and Inanimate’ that won the best soundtrack award at the festival.

Joi Barua collaborated with Dr. Susan Lim, a scientist from Singapore on the film that narrates the story of inanimate futures and artificial life.

I just love doing the music. Making musical lines out of abstract ideas. The melodies I would create in my studio in Mumbai found their way into the magical sounds of the London Symphony Orchestra. That’s good enough for me. I don’t seek much else, Joi Barua said to Pratidin Time.

The film ‘Fantasy of Companionship between Human and Inanimate’ incorporates songs composed by Joi Barua, Ron Danziger and Matthieu Emyard which were performed by an ensemble of the London Symphony Orchestra and London Voices. The songs were then set to western classical interpretations in the film by music composer Manu Martin.

The vocals were rendered by Mathieu Eymard, animation created by Samudra Kajal Saikia, and the lyrics were penned by Dr. Susan Lim and Christina Tan. 

Sharing and celebrating the moment with fans on social media, Joi Barua wrote: The Fantasy of Companionship between Human & Inanimate – the animation film which has our songs played by the London Symphony Orchestra and the London Voices, wins the award for the Best Soundtrack at the Cannes World Film Festival”.

Besides, winning the best soundtrack at Cannes, the film also won awards in the categories of Best Animation Film, Best Family Children Film, Best Sci-fi Film, Best Trailer, Best New Wave Filmmaker, Best Producer, Best Original Story, Best Sound Design, Best Soundtrack and Best Visual Effects.

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