Joint Forum of Trade Unions Observe National Black Day

A joint forum of ten central trade unions on Wednesday observed National Black Day for Indian Democracy by wearing black badges and putting up black flags. The Assam associations of CITU, SFI, DYFI, AIDWA, etc. have also observed Black Day by raising play cards at the Guwahati Club rotary.

The trade unions observed the Black Day to press the government for their demands. The demands include free vaccination for all, free ration and to provide Rs. 7,500 per month for the poor, repealing three farm laws and minimum support price for crops and withdrawal of four labour codes passed by the Parliament last year.

The other demands include:

  • The huge amount of funds of PM Care should be utilized in increasing oxygen, ventilator, medicines and treatment of COVID-19
  • The health care facility for COVID-19 should be made free of cost
  • The cost of COVID-19 treatment in private hospitals should be minimized

A joint statement of the trade unions said, “It is time to call a spade a spade. We begin by observing 26th May as the Black Day for Indian Democracy, wearing black badges, putting up black flags. We resolve on this day, not to rest till we achieve our demands, not to rest till a message is driven home that the toiling people will not remain passive bystanders, watching the Modi Government do as they please.”

Besides they also demanded for repeal three farm laws, withdrawal of Electricity (Amendment) Bill, 2021, enactment of law guaranteeing Minimum Support Price of farm produce, and withdrawal of four Labour Codes along with draft central rules and convene Indian Labour Conference immediately.

The also asked the government to put a stop to the policy of privatization/corporatization of PSUs and Government departments and withdrawal of all arbitrary suspension of 38 labour laws for a period of 3 years by the states ruled by BJP and its allies openly violating the international labor standards i.e. freedom of association (convention 87), violation of collective bargaining (convention 98), (convention 144) tripartite meeting and consultations, etc.

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