JPC betrayed us: Akhil Gogoi


Terming that the Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) had betrayed the people of Assam, said Akhil Gogoi.

Addressing a press meet at the KMSS’s office, Akhil Gogoi opposing the Citizenship Amendment Bill said that the JPC did not return to Assam after promising to come back.

It is due to JPC’s betrayal that a 12 hour Assam Bandh has been called in collaboration of 46 organisations. The bandh has been called so that BJP cannot raise the Amendment Bill at the Assembly, said Gogoi.

The KMSS leader also claimed that under the leadership of Shiladitya Dev the state government wants to bring in clashes between various ethnic groups in the state and not safeguard the Bengalis.

Speaking about the Gana Samabesh which was supposed to be held on November 17, Gogoi said that it is not the 26 organisations that are behind the organising of the gathering but it is some RSS members who are behind this.

Calling on the Bengali people of Assam, Gogoi urged not to be manipulated by these organisations.

“They are following the Gujarat model to fire a communal violence in Assam”, said Gogoi adding, “All these are stepping stones of the BJP and RSS who are planning the formation of a Hindu Nation”.

Further, the KMSS leader stated that the bandh is only for illegal immigrants and not for Bengali organisations.

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