JPC not to return to Assam


After the Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC)’s meeting had ended, shocking allegations have come to light in Lok Sabha’s CPM MP Mohammad Salim’s words.

Alleging that the government at the centre had pressurised them to submit JPC’s report as early as possible, Salim said, “We gave words in Assam that we will go back for hearing but the committee now is not on the same lines. We are being pressurised by the government.”

According to the MP, the government wants the committee to complete the report as early as possible and present it at the Winter Session of the Assembly.

It may be noted that the JPC had to go to Assam, West Bengal and Odisha and record verbal views of the Law, Foreign and Home Ministries. However, the JPC had been scraped of this opportunity.

The above mentioned three ministries only expressed their views in a written format.

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