Kabir Singh Is Fictional: Assam Police


Wit in their tweets or rather say tweeting the witty way seems to have become one of the prominent ways to tweet by the Assam Police.

After gaining international recognition with their tweet on the seizure of ‘ganja’ last month, the Assam Police’s social media team has done it once again when they tweeted the poster of latest Bollywood hot ‘Kabir Singh’ in a bid to create awareness about alcohol and other substance abuse with a witty but relevant message.

“Stop acting cool by being addicted to bad habits, Kabir Singh is a fiction your life is not” the Assam police tweeted using the hashtag #GuwahatiFightsAgainstDrugs.

Witty tweet of Assam Police

The tweet was appreciated by the tweeter users across the state.

It may be mentioned here that ‘Kabir Singh’, a remake of Tamil blockbuster ‘Arjun Reddy’ hit theatres last month and has received mixed reviews for the protagonist is shown to be indulged in taking alcohol and other drugs after he goes through an emotional turmoil.

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