Kamrup (M) Admin to Impose Fine on Use & Selling of Plastics


The Kamrup district administration will impose fine on use and selling of plastic bags. The administration has directed the Commissioner of Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC) to ensure that no business establishments or public should use and sell plastic bags and anyone who would be found violating the norms will be imposed fine as per the Guwahati Municipal Corporation Act, 1969.

The administration said that the shops and establishments are still trading into various products, cooked and precooked items, vegetable, meat and other consumer goods are still using and selling plastic carry bags made of virgin or recycled plastic which is less than 40 microns of thickness which is not recommended as per the plastic waste management and handling rule, 2011. Moreover, dumping and throwing of plastic bags in the primary and secondary drains is causing clogging of drains which resulted in water logging in and around the city during rainy season.

In a notification issued by the district administration, it said that the shops and establishments, as well as general public, are under an obligation to ensure that they shall not use or sell plastic bags made of virgin or recyclable which is less than 40 microns in thickness and shall not throw or dump on the open streets and roads or drains.

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