Kamrup (M) DC issues Do’s and don’ts for safe Puja


Kamrup Metropolitan District Administration issues do’s and don’ts ahead of Durga Puja. The administration has directed all the puja pandals of Guwahati to cooperate and follow the prescribed guidelines.

1. Co-operate with the administrative machinery in implementation of all guidelines regarding safety and security.

2. Ensure the complete safety of all temporary structures, electrical fittings, fire etc.

3. A designated area should be kept clear for emergency evacuation.

4. Keep a medical team including doctor ready to handle any emergency.

5. Appoint sufficient volunteers (both male & female) and brief them well in advance about their responsibilities. Provide easily distinguishable identity cards to all volunteers.

6. Inform the local police station well in advance of all programs and in case of any visit by any VIP/Celebrity etc. Strictly comply with all security guidelines.

7. Make adequate provision of fire fighting in the Pandal. Keep fire fighting arrangements like buckets with sand, fire extinguishers etc. readily available.

8. Make provision for crowd management/control. Erect separate barricading, entry and exit for male/female.

9. Ensure functionality of Public Address System.

10. Make provision of adequate drinking water.

11. Maintain hygiene and cleanliness of the Pandal and in its vicinity.

12. Proper cleaning of the area after the function is over.

13. Strongly discourage forceful collection of donation contribution. This is also illegal.

14. Submit detailed list with name and address of all office bearers and volunteers to the nearest police station in advance without fail.

15. Follow the rules of loud speaker use and noise pollution very carefully.

16. Ensure peaceful observation of Durga Puja.

17. Keep the general area of Durga Puja pandal clear of all dangerous articles.

18. Ban the use of Alcohol and psychotropic drugs/substance from the venues completely.

19. Ensure guarding of Puja pandal even when empty on security ground. Provide accommodation /other logistic facilities to police personnel deputed for guarding the pandals.

20. Violation of any rules/regulations by any person shall reflect directly on you and your committees.

21. Please inform police at least seven days in advance in case you invite any VIP/high risk dignitary to your Durga Puja and also meticulously follow instructions of the police in such case.

22. Provide adequate illumination inside the Puja Pandal and its surrounding area along with provision of generator set to ensure continuous power supply in case of power failure.

23. Open a “help desk” which is to be manned 24×7 by the members/volunteers of the Puja committees.

24. Install sufficient CCTV cameras in and around puja pandal at strategic places in consultation with local police station.

25. Follow the routes and directions given by the District Administration for immersion of the Goddess Durga idols.

26. Ensure that safety, security and festivity of the public are maintained at all cost.

27. For immersion, Puja committees should take out their respective processions by 11 am without fail on the day of immersion.

28. The Sr. Members of the Puja committees should control revelers/devotees particularly youngsters from doing any improper activity. Members who cannot be controlled should be kept away from the procession.

29. Bursting of crackers etc during the immersion processing should be strictly avoided as it may cause serious accidents.

30. Instruct all workers, volunteers and well-wishers regarding these guidelines.

1. Do not set up Puja Pandals on any public thoroughfare.

2. Do not deface any public wall/property/natural objects with posters/banners.

3. Do not establish any office/kiosk etc on public property.

4. Do not allow parking within 100 meters from your Pandals.

5. Do not hang flags/buntings/posters/ on any public places.

6. Never use plastic bags/flags/banners/buntings or posters in any public places. (This is also banned under sec. 144 of crpc).

7. Do not loudspeakers beyond 10.00 pm to respect the right of
privacy of citizens in general and students in particulars.

8. Do not use highly inflammable objects/items in the decoration of
the Pandals. Issued and published by District Administration, Kamrup Metropolitan District.

District Administration Control Room 03612733052/1077.

Police Control Room: 03612464557. 2461556 and Dial-100.

Fire & Emergency Services Control Room 03612737680,2735933,2735935, 9435960618.

GMC Control room: 8811007000, 73 99003001,7399003002,7399003003,7399003004.

APDCL Control Room : 7086077374. 9954192104, 9954192105. NDRF Control Room : 9435117246.

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