Kamrup (M) Witness a Rise in COVID-19 Cases in the Last 7 Days

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Kamrup (M) witness a rise in cases of COVID-19 as people are flouting the pandemic protocols. Citizens of Guwahati are seen roaming around the public places even during the curfew hours in the name of evening walks or cycling to maintain health.

The Kamrup (M) district administration has also formed a task force to monitor the situation and acted strictly if any person is found to violate the norms.  

People are also violating Covid protocols in city markets with impunity despite the district administration’s warning to take strict action against violators.

There were only a few wearing masks or maintaining social distancing as this correspondent took a tour of vegetable and wholesale markets in Bamunimaidan, Fancy Bazar and Ganeshguri, and the Uzan Bazar fish market.

Kamrup (M) has seen a sharp rise of COVID-19 cases in the last 7 days as the number of cases reported on Friday was 247 against 168 cases that were reported on July 3.

Kamrup (M) Deputy commissioner Biswajit Pegu said that strict action, including the imposition of heavy fines, would be imposed against the violators.

The task force has already started its drive against the COVID-19 protocol violators. “There was a drop in cases of COVID-19 but in the last few days, it has been increased as the citizens are seen flouting the norms. No social distancing has been maintained nor do the citizens wear masks. We are trying to prevent the pandemic but the citizens are flouting the norms challenging the pandemic,” the DC said.

A sales executive of a store in Fancy Bazaar said, “What can we do if people do not follow COVID norms. We cannot stop anyone from coming to the market but it’s up to them how they follow the COVID-19 protocols. If we ask them to do so they will argue with us as we are just a shop owner.”

On Tuesday, the Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA) issued a revised standard operating procedure imposing round-the-clock curfew in seven districts, 15-hour curfew (2 pm to 5 am) in 16 districts, and 12-hour curfew (5 pm to 5 am) in 11 districts, including Kamrup (Metro).

On June 26, ASDMA, while issuing a fresh SOP, reduced the curfew hours in Kamrup (Metro) district along with a few other districts to 12 hours (5 pm to 5 am). Earlier, the curfew was from 2 pm to 5 am.

The Kamrup (M) has recorded 168 Covid-19 positive cases on Thursday while 181 on Wednesday, 203 on July 6, 197 on July 5, 140 on July 4, 168 on July 3, 186 on July 2, and 176 on July 1.

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