Kamrup SP Attempts To Gag Sadin-Pratidin Group


Kamrup SP Parthasarathi Mahanta on Saturday attempted to threaten Assamese media by slapping a defamation case amounting Rs. 200 crore for publishing and broadcasting a series of news regarding supari syndicate, which has been going on Kamrup’s Baihata Chariali region.

Reportedly, Mahanta and his wife Indrani Baruah have filed a defamation case amounting Rs. 200 crore (Rs. 100 crore each) against Sadin-Pratidin Group for publishing and telecasting news that they met people involved in the illegal supari syndicate.

“In response to news published and aired in Asomiya Pratidin and Pratidin Time on illegal supari trade in Baihata Chariali, me and my wife have separately lodged defamation case against the owner of the Sadin-Pratidin group, at the court of Kamrup CJM,” Mahanta said, while addressing a press meet on Saturday.

It may be mentioned here that Kamrup district police administration has been under tremendous pressure as allegations have been raised that the supari syndicate racket used to manage the Baihata Chariali Police and the local organisations regularly to continue their illicit business.

The news had revealed several secret information regarding the huge and uncontrolled supari syndicate in the region. Instead of taking action against the supari syndicate racket, the Kamrup District Police had earlier issued summons to the editor of Asomiya Pratidin.

Interestingly, Mahanta’s press meet came 10 days after the news was published and telecasted.

During his press meet on Saturday, Mahanta was seen attempting to muffle Assamese media and threatened to dominate the fourth pillar of democracy.

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