Karimganj: 200-Meter-Long India-Bangladesh Tunnel Discovered

A 200-meter-long tunnel connecting to the international border of Bangladesh from Karimganj has been discovered by police during a rescue operation of a kidnapped man in Karimganj’s Balia.

As per reports, Dilwar Hussain, resident of Shilua village under Nilambazar police station in Karimganj was kidnapped on December 28.

After the incident, the family members had lodged an FIR against the kidnapping at Karimganj police station. The kidnappers had demanded a sum of 5 lakh rupees from Hussain’s family over phone call. After the call was traced, it was found that the callers were from Bangladesh. 

Later the victim’s family agreed to pay the amount, after which the kidnappers gave instructions to their middle-man, Elimuddin, to bring the amount from the family. But the picture became clear when Hussain was released by the kidnappers after police arrested the middle man, Elimuddin.

Meanwhile, the police interrogated Hussain and he revealed the secret tunnel. “The tunnel leads to Sylhet in Bangladesh and miscreants regularly use it” he spilled.

A special team conducted an operation in search of the tunnel and discovered the 200-meter tunnel.

The superintendent of Karimganj police said that the proper investigation is underway.

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