Karnataka MLAs slept inside Assembly, Friday big day


The Karnataka drama continued throughout the night as BJP MLAs slept inside the Assembly demanding immediate floor test while Speaker delayed it despite stern directives from the Governor.

BJP is alleging that Congress-JD(S) was delayed as they were sure to lose. The reaction came soon after Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar adjourned the assembly in the midst of a heated confidence motion debate.

Eighteen legislators had absented themselves from the house as it took up the vote of confidence for debate earlier that day.

According to the BJP leader, the Congress-JDS government was reluctant to face the trust vote because it does not enjoy the confidence of either the people or the assembly. “The Chief Minister is reluctant to take up the motion because he has only 98 legislators while we have 105,” he said.

Altogether 16 legislators from the ruling coalition – 13 from the Congress and three from the JDS -have resigned over the last few weeks. This development, combined with two independent candidates withdrawing their support, has put the ruling coalition in a precarious position.

The BJP now has 107 legislators with the support of two independents, while the JDS-Congress tally could well plummet to 100. The halfway mark in the 224-member assembly is 113.

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