Kaziranga: Green Ashiyana Owner Refutes allegations of Construction in Animal Corridor

The allegations made by the Kaziranga National Park authorities against the Green Ashiyana resort at Haldhibari in Kaziranga that the resort has been built illegally at the animal corridor has been refuted by its owner Kishore Hazarika.

It may be mentioned that the Green Ashiyana hotel was built in order to increase the scope by violating the order of the Gauhati High Court at the animal corridor.

According to the Director of Kaziranga National Park, P Shivkumar, any type of construction work has been prohibited at the area identified as animal corridor and the Green Ashiyana resort was built at the animal corridor itself. He further stated that the owner of the hotel has continued its construction despite the High Court’s order in 2019 to prohibit any kind of construction at the animal corridor identified area.

Reacting on the Park authority’s allegation, Hazarika said that the area in which the hotel was constructed has not been identified as the animal corridor and that no notification has been issued by the forest department and that moving of elephants from the said area is completely a myth.

Hazarika rather claimed that after the construction of the hotel, the poachers have stopped coming in for which the poaching of rhino and other animals have reduced.

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