Kaziranga National Park Organizes Elephant Health Camp


The Kaziranga National Park (KNP) authority has organized an elephant health camp for the routine health care of the park’s departmental elephants.

In KNP, there are currently 63 camp elephants in various ranges of both Eastern Assam wildlife division and Western Assam wildlife division as well as in Laokhowa Burhachapori Wildlife Sanctuary.The Kohora range have 28 camp elephants, Bagori range have 15, Agoratoli range have 11, Burpahar range have 4, Panpur have 2, and Laokhowa Burhachapori have 3.

A thorough health check-up of all departmental elephants was carried out by microscopic examination of the faecal samples for the probable parasitic load. Blood samples were collected from selected elephants for routine blood profiles and general health check-ups.

Additionally, Anthelmintics, liver supportive medicines, Vitamins and mineral supplements, and other supportives were also distributed among the elephants.

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