Kaziranga Witnessed Worst Flood This Year


The rising floodwater levels in the state posed a threat to the wild animals in Kaziranga National Park which has been entirely under-water owing to incessant rains in the region. 90% of the park which was submerged underwater has not yet completely dried up for which the animals have moved to other places and a telling picture of exhausted rhinos resting on patches of land at Kaziranga has surfaced on the internet.

Large numbers of animals of the park have been affected due to flood which includes rhinos, deers and elephants trapped in the sanctuary at the moment as per state legislator Mrinal Saikia.

Speaking to Reuters, Saikia said that the animals are having a tough time. “Indeed, as videos and pictures of the situation at Kaziranga clearly depict wild animals enduring the wrath of the raging waters,” Saikia said.

Indian Forest Service (IFS) officials while shared a video which shows that deer waded through deep waters in the sanctuary while rhino calves found it difficult to survive.

According to reports of AFP, more than 50 animals have died so far. While some animals died due to flood, some died in the accident while trying to cross the busy highway and reach the nearby Karbi hills after it escaped from the flooded Kaziranga park.

According to forest officials of KNP, 67 deers have died due to flood till date out of which 14 died after hit by cars, 39 died after they floated in water and 10 for other reasons.

As per the forest officials report, 7 rhinos have died in the flood out of which 6 died due after falling in water and one died in some other reasons. One each of elephant and Buffalo also lost lives in flood till Thursday while 5 numbers of wild pigs, 1 rabbit also died in flood.

It has also been reported that 58 numbers of animals have been rescued in the ongoing flood out of which 43 deer have been relieved after treatment. 4 deers have died during treatment.

The forest officials also informed that 11 wild animals are under treatment at Panbari Wildlife Conservation and Rehabilitation Centre out of which 9 are deers and 2 rhino calves. The report also says that 83 animals have died in 2019 flood so far.

On the other hand, 98 out of 199 forest camps are still under-water and the forest officials have not been able to enter in 9 camps.

Forest Ranger of KNP, however, said that rescue teams are using boats to traverse the park to save stranded animals saying that it had been a long time since this type of flood has affected the Park.

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