Kaziranga’s Elephants Wade Through Flood-Affected Majuli


Assam floods have affected scores of human lives. Human misery triggered due to these perennial floods is all-pervasive. However, the floods have equally affected the wildlife of the region, if not more.

In a latest development, few elephants have travelled all the way from Kaziranga to Majuli to escape the floods. However, Majuli itself has been one of the biggest victims of the floods over the past many years.

In a video sourced by Pratidin Time Digital Desk, those elephants can be seen wading through the flood waters in Majuli. The jumbos were seen walking past homes in a neighborhood clearly inundated by floods.

Almost every year, due to floods, the wild animals, including elephants of the Kaziranga National Park are left in a state of deprivation and negligence.

The floods also damage their natural corridors through which they travel from one place to another, thereby affecting them in many ways, including biologically.

The mining at the nearby Karbi Anglong hills also affects the natural migration of a wide variety of animals.     

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