Kenya MP Returns to Aurangabad after 30 years to repay Rs 200


Some three decades back, Kenyan resident Richard Tongi was studying management in a college in Aurangabad, he did not have much money to go around. A local grocer, Kashinath Gawli, used to help him out now and then.

When Tongi returned, he still owed Gawli Rs 200. Flash forward to 2019 and the debt stands repaid. Tongi now a parliamentarian in Kenya paid the Gawli’s a visit on Monday, and the two had a poignant reunion.

Septuagenarian Kashinath Gawli’s was overwhelmed with emotions as he found an MP from Kenya at his doorsteps in Aurangabad, returned to the historic city after 30 years, who had come calling to meet his old benefactor.

When Gawli’s refused to accept the Rs 200, Tongi gifted some euros about Rs 19,200 to the kids in this family as a thank you for his help all those years ago in 1985-89.

It may be mentioned here that Richard was a student of management studies at a local college in Aurangabad during 1985-89.

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