Kerala’s Missing Boat: Victim’s Family To Meet MEA

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It’s been more than five years that the fishing boat Dhaya Matha-2 along with 243 passengers on-board went missing on January at Ernakulam district of Kerala. It seems that it disappeared into the sea.

The Ministry of External Affairs has no idea of whereabouts of the boat and even Kerala police is in the dark. The Coast Guard and Navy don’t have a clue and families have been struggling without a drop of information.

The boat which went missing carried 243 passengers out of which 184 were from Ambedkar Nagar Colony Delhi and according to families who were waiting for their family members, around 85 of those missing are children including a 12-day old baby along with the parents.

The families of the missing people have left no stone unturned to find out their relatives. They have knocked many doors including the Home Ministry, Ministry of External Affairs, Delhi Police, Chief Minister and even National Human Rights Commission to trace their family members.

The families of the missing have also submitted a memorandum to the union home ministry which has all the names and addresses of the people suspected to have boarded the boat on that day. But the people didn’t receive any response from the then home ministry and therefore, the people have decided to move to the newly appointed Ministry of External Affairs, S Jaishankar to help the families to trace the missing people.

On January 11, the police found 50 abandoned bags in Munambam near Kochi and more bags were found ext day with documents and identity cards after which police reached to the conclusion that the passengers were made to leave their baggage as the boats have gone overcrowded or it might have been a case of human trafficking.

Police, however said that Selvan and Sreekanthan were the mastermind of the racket. Police suspected them based on the prima facie investigation and said that ten middlemen who belonged to Delhi and Tamil Nadu lured the people who left on the boat have also been identified who reportedly promised the people to offer jobs in New Zealand.

Moreover, police said that they are waiting for confirmation as no hints were received from Foreign countries even after Interpol’s notice.

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