Key Changes In HS Commerce Stream


In a major development, Assam Higher Secondary Education Council has modified the curriculum of higher secondary commerce stream.

AHSEC has stated these changes will be effective from the higher secondary first year batch starting from 2020-21 onwards.

Key Changes:

  1. The subject “Banking” is renamed as “Finance” without any change in the syllabus of the said subject.
  2. The subject “Commercial Mathematics & Statistics” is renamed as “Business Mathematics & Statistics” without any change in the syllabus of said subject.
  3. Under the new system, the subjects Business Studies and Accountancy are not considered as ‘core subjects’ but the students of the Commerce stream must have to appear the examination on both the subjects.
  4. The students have to secure at least the passing marks in both the subject i.e. Business Studies and Accountancy.
  5. In the new system, for result purpose, the marks of the Best Three (3) Elective Subjects will be considered in their division along with the core subjects – English & MIL/ALTE
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