Key Highlights Of PM Modi’s 68th Mann Ki Baat

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday delivered his monthly Mann Ki Baat address to the nation urging India to be a self-reliant nation. It is his 68th edition of the broadcast.

Key Highlights :

  1. The PM said a sense of discipline due to the pandemic is seen among the people amid upcoming festivals. He also said that there is a close link between nature and festivals in India, adding that festivals inspire us to conserve the environment.

2. “I thought about children during Covid-19 lockdown and discussed ways to make India a global hub in making toys,” said PM Modi emphasizing on the need to push India to become a global hub of making toys.

3. Learning while playing, making toys etc has been made part of curriculum as part of the new National Education Policy.

4. In a push to self reliance, PM Modi said that India’s share in the Rs 7 crore worth global toy industry is very small and urged startups in the country to team up for making toys and go vocal or local.

5. “Computer games are also very famous. Both young and old play them. But most of them are influenced by the West. We should have India-centric games. We can be ‘Atmanirbhar’ in this regard,” said PM Modi on the need of esports and computer games based on Indian culture and myths.

6. A push to transform India a self-reliant nation, as sown during non-cooperation movement 100 years ago.

7. PM Modi spoke about the importance of ensuring safety amid the pandemic. “Do gajj ki doori, mask zaroori,” he said.

8. PM Modi talked about an Atmanirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge saying “India is known as a land of innovators.”

9. The PM talked about the importance of a nutritious diet for pregnant women and young children asking September to be observed as Nutrition month.

10. The role of dogs in security operations was hailed by PM Modi. He spoke about the Indian Army dogs Vida and Sophie who were awarded the Chief of Army Staff ‘Commendation cards’ on the 74th Independence day this year for their roles in different operations.

Additionally, the Prime minister also expressed solidarity with all those affected by floods and heavy rainfall across India. Authorities are working to provide all possible assistance to those affected, he said.

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