KFC Lachit Nagar, Barbeque Nation shut down


A number of popular eateries of Guwahati, including KFC, Barbeque Nation, Oriental Bistro etc. in Lachit Nagar area of G.S Road have been shut down following orders from Guwahati Municpal Corporation (GMC) to seal the main building they are situated in.

The GMC undertook a joint inspection of ‘Adityam’, the building these eateries are situated in, and requested the owners to produce No Objection Certificate (NOC), approved drawings and occupancy certificate issued by the authorities.

However, on inspection of the provided occupancy certificate, GMC found out that the building was approved for use of departmental stores only.

The authorities found out that the building was being used for Restaurants, Bars and office use, following which the building was completely sealed.



(Featured Image – Flickr)

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