Assam Flood | Khumtai MLA wins hearts!


After ‘Mobile Kitchen’, Khumtai MLA Mrinal Saikia is sending post-flood management and mobile medical unit to several areas of his constituency to provide medical care to people affected by the recent floods.

The team has distributed various medicine, soap for hand-washing, chlorine tablets for water treatment, and oral rehydration salts. Most importantly, they will leave behind the message of good hygiene and how important it is for good health.

A team of medical experts from the departments of General Medicine, senior nurses are there in the team.

The van has been equipped like an ambulance. Using all these facilities doctors can directly see the patient, diagnose the disease and start emergency medical management.

The devastating flood this year has touched many but an exception could be seen at Khumtai constituency in Golaghat District. Khumtai MLA Mrinal Saikia could not resist himself from contributing to the cause of the downtrodden and the affected flood victims.

With a vehicle ‘Mobile Kitchen’, Saikia visited the relief camps in the constituency and the individual homes of affected people to provide snacks and food.

MLA Saikia felt sad when he saw the sorrows and sufferings caused by destructive floods in his constituency. Hence, Saikia and his team came out to the flood-affected villages with ‘Mobile Kitchen’ and provided food items to the victims.

People appreciated such philanthropic activity of MLA Mrinal Saikia and his dedicated team.

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