Kiren accused Cong for violence, Khandu for calm


The BJP today made a veiled attack on Congress for the ongoing violence in Arunachal Pradesh capital Itanagar.

The Union Minister of State for Home today released a video where Congress state president Takam Sanjay was seen supporting Permanent Resident Citizenship (PRC) to those people living lawfully in the state but not indigenous people of Arunachal.

He tweeted that he was always against the PRC  accused the Congress of instigating the violence. He also said that Congress had a different position in the districts and different position in the capital.

The Congress has tacit support to the protest and it is suspected that Congress President Takam Sanjay was behind the violent agitation. In fact, Congress president Rahul Gandhi also tweeted in this regard. The entire Congress leadership of Arunachal Pradesh have been summoned by Party President today to take stock of the situation.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Prema Khandu appealed for calm and assured that hi government would not take any decision which would harm the indigenous people of the state.

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