Kolkata Actor Thrown Out Of Cab, Abused


Bengali television actor Swastika Dutta has alleged that she was abused and thrown out of a cab in Kolkata on Wednesday when she was going for a shoot. She has filed a police complaint.

Sharing a photograph of the driver, his phone number and number plate of the cab, Dutta also wrote on Facebook, “This actually happened to Me, I was humiliated, I was literally thrown out of the car the reason was I had booked Uber service from my Home to my studio (Dassani 2,Rania) exactly at 8.15am, today, this guy named Jamshed, after picking me up from my location suddenly in the middle of the road cancelled the trip and asked me to get down from the car. When I refused, he suddenly turned the car to an opposite direction and took me to his locality and started abusing me. He got down from the car, opened the door and literally pulled me out… when I lost my temper and started asking for help he threatened me and called other boys.”

“Since I was getting late for my shooting and my unit was waiting for me I had to rush from the incident spot. Later, I spoke to my dad and whatever legal action is needed I shall pursue,” she also added.

The whole incident took place between 8:15-8:45 in the morning.

The accused driver Jamshed, has been arrested by the police.

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