‘Laden’ died a year ago: Parimal Suklabaidya


Assam Forest Minister Parimal Suklabaidya on Wednesday said that according to a survey by the forest department, the elephant which was terrorizing in Goalpara district was not ‘Laden’ and that it died last year itself.

The elephant which was terrorizing in the district and killed five people is a different elephant which was separated from its herd.

Addressing a press conference here, Suklabaidya said, “The forest department has neglected some time and the steps which need to be taken to keep alive the animals have not been done for which the man-animal conflict is in the rise.”

Talking about the elephant which created terror in Goalpara, the minister said that the forest department has some limitations and so as the people for which it takes time to grab the elephant.

The minister also urged the people to think about the animals and asked them not to occupy forest areas and hills in order to keep safe the animals.

When asked about the forest department whether they failed to grasp the elephant, Suklabaidya said that they have not failed and that they had a discussion with the experienced people and also the forest department has called upon Padma Hazarika to catch the elephant. He said that they have used the drone to identify the elephant.

However, the minister has said that the achievement goes jointly to the people, forest department and Padma Hazarika but the forest department should also be praised for this step.

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